Escaping your Family with Music

Well.. I have been caring for two sick snotty and CRANKY toddlers for about a week now. Sometimes as a parent what you think you need when the going gets tough is relaxation.  It’s not.  What you need is escape.  Like total, don’t need to even think about, hear, care about anything escape.  Other than drugs and hot sex, the only other way I know how to do this is with music. I know it sounds a little corny but trust me. Get reeeeeaaallly comfortable, turn the light down, and put in those earbuds baby so you can listen to it loud.   And listen to the whole album!. Mind blowing, I know. The art of the album has come to be so underestimated. Take it all, drop out.

And so without further ado, some of my best choices for escaping your family:

1.  Led Zepplin- Led Zepplin

Let me just say that listening to “dazed and confused” has lent me some psychological stability at times. As sad as that is…

Blunderbuss- jack white


This is a great album for when you are feeling frustrated and beat down but know there’s hope. And it rocks of course.

3. Nirvana – unplugged


Ok ya got me. I’m a 90s kid. It’s still a great album to listen to with your eyes closed.

4. Blue- Joni Mitchell


If you wanna squeeze out some quiet tears and pretend you’re a poet too, then this is it. Again, a beautiful album – even Zepplin loved it.

5. Trout mask replica- Capt. Beefheart


Let me be clear- this will take you somewhere else for sure. I know I am weird.

So that’s a few to start with.
What do you guys escape with musically, I wanna know.


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