I’m Just Analog Like That

First, let me recognize the irony and possibly even hippocrasy inherent in this post. Im gonna talk about the non use of technology while using said technology to deliver it and for all y’all to read it. So – ok, having said that…
Sometimes I think that the instant availability of information on my iPhone/pad really mostly leads to dissatisfaction and impatience. It is something in the immediacy of getting the exact piece of info you want or the instant acquisition of an object. Sometimes instead if actually thinking out a problem my first instinct is to google it. That is scary. Most people are idiots. Most of the people I know are idiots. Why in the world would I take their collective advice instead of using my own knowledge and experience? I’m not sure but at least I am able to refrain from the actual googling of things like “keeping toddler seated during dinner” or “why is my husband being an asshole” most of the time.
When I talk to people about this, about not automatically clicking into devices and remembering that the world and people around us are what is REAL, they usually say something like ” yeah I know what you mean” and then pull out their phone to answer a text or check email.
And I totally do it to. I’m not preachin’.
I’m just saying that my feeling of fulfillment with life is greater when I don’t endlessly compare things online, check email 12 times a day, and access an answer to every banal question my little head comes up with. My life is not better for instantly knowing who played the dad on Different Strokes. It just isn’t.
So my proposition for myself and anyone else who cares is to really use this stuff as tools and not fucking oracles. It’s hard. Harder than you think. It is part of everyones life. Its a huge cultural habit. But habits can be broken. It is “what people do” and takes a will to resist.i don’t want to be a sheep- staring at a little blue rectangle while the world passes by. I still look up Popsicle recipes for my kids and do this blog and buy stuff. I just try not to get sucked in, to go there first, to check out mentally and subscribe to whatever groupthink answer is on Wikipedia.
My brain feels better. My kids get more attention. We are more creative. Try it, you’ll like it. Lets get back to “be here, now.” Every moment is pregnant with possibility and beauty- if we aren’t too distracted to look for it.

In honor of breaking the shackles of mental conformity and taking a step back here are some great movies along those lines…

1. Cool Hand Luke.
If you’ve never seen this – it is my #1 rockandroll attitude movie ever.
You gotta love smokin hot young Paul Newman with an attitude problem.

2. Harold and Maude
I don’t know if this a cliche choice but its a great movie both for flipping social norms and fantastic 60s styling. Try to get over the creepy old person sex factor.

3. It Might Get Loud
A documentary featuring three amazing guitar players- jimmy page, jack white, and the edge from U2. They all really developed their own true sound and style both in music and life.

4. American Movie
I freaking love this movie! This guy has blazed his own trail, done things completely different than any other sane person and turned making horror movies into his own sort of zen.

Well there you have it, a weird post with some weird movies- enjoy!