Thrift Store T Shirt Hack- take that Nordstrom!

So I realized that I have been secretly wanting a worn in cut up trashy logo shirt like the ones in the “savvy” department at Nordstroms. Here’s the thing though, there is no f*ing way I’m payin $80.00 for one AND looking like a poseur cause its obviously the smanshy version. BUUUUT… It would look awesome with the free people superflares I just got. So I found this hack and some killer old tshirts ay st Vincent de Paul and its all happening.


how rad is that ok.?  Well maybe not tat it’s a damn cheer leading shirt with glitter on it but picture it with a worout black skull tshirt ( I scored!) or perfectly worn in weirdo thrift store shirt. Throw that baby on with some jeans boots and crazy hair and I call it rockinrollmama.

Also here’s  a cool trick for those lame thick newish shirts that have a great imageimage